Food sovereignty in Africa: AS-Food, a key player in sustainable development

Food sovereignty is a concept that has gained momentum in recent years, particularly in Africa. Defined as a right of populations to decide on their own strategies and policies to guarantee their food security while considering the effects on others » sovereignty is today more than ever one of the key missions for many structures, organizations and companies, like AS-Food. We will show in this article how AS-Food participates in food sovereignty thanks to its mobile processing unit for sustainable development in Africa.

AS-Food: a visionary initiative

Founded in 2016 by entrepreneurs from Africa and Europe, AS-Food (African Sustainable Food) positions itself as a key player in the promotion of food sovereignty in Africa. Recognizing the challenges associated with the continent's rapid population growth and its vast agricultural resources, the company is committed to developing innovative solutions to boost the economic and social impact of African agriculture

The need for AS-Food for food sovereignty in Africa

 In Africa, food sovereignty is becoming crucial to promoting sustainable development. Fluctuations in global food prices and dependence on imports have often led to food crises. AS-Food offers a viable alternative promoting the constant availability of fruits and vegetables throughout the year, thus diversifying the supply of agricultural products and contributing to food security

How does AS-Food contribute to food sovereignty?

 AS-Food offers a holistic solution. At the heart of its initiative are innovative and versatile mini-factories, designed to be transported and processed the harvest directly near production sites. This approach considerably reduces post-harvest losses, estimated at 40% of all agricultural harvests, bringing additional income and creating direct and indirect jobs in rural areas. The AS-Food solution has a positive impact on the environment by reducing the resources needed to feed the population (arable land, water, transport of crops)

AS-Food: a deep commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals

AS-Food's mission closely aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. By promoting job creation, reducing resource waste, income diversification and the development of an agri-food industry adapted to the African context, the company offers a concrete response to the challenges of poverty, hunger, decent work, industry and responsible consumption.

In short, AS-Food does not just meet Africa's food needs. It is a driver of sustainable development, providing a path to economic autonomy, environmental protection and resilience to climate change. African governments and international organizations should actively support these initiatives, recognizing food sovereignty as an essential pillar of sustainable progress on the continent. African and European communities already support AS-Food’s mission; If you too are for sustainable development in Africa, do not hesitate to join us in this mission via the following contact

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