A new solution for better economic and social development of agricultural production in Africa

We are developing an innovative, technological and organizational solution, which contributes to increasing the economic and social impact of African agriculture to better meet the challenge of food self-sufficiency and economic development.

The technological aspect

Modular and transportable mini-processing plants on harvesting sites

We are developing mini fruit and vegetable processing plants, modular and transportable by truck directly to the harvesting sites. These mini-factories offer new perspectives by responding to 2 types of problems:

By avoiding transport times that are detrimental to fresh produce, they make it possible to limit post-harvest losses to a minimum.
Because they are modular, they can be used throughout the year on several types of harvests and several regions, thus significantly increasing the production capacities of the sectors.

The organizational aspect

Contribute to the development of a virtuous ecosystem through partnerships in order to better support you

We work in close partnership with governmental and non-governmental organizations to promote the adoption of this new solution by rural communities. We are ready to play an important role in organizing and facilitating the development of a virtuous ecosystem, including training in good agricultural practices, financial education, social microfinance, training and support both technical and commercial processors or farmer groups.

In doing so, we also aim to contribute to limiting the rural exodus through the creation of jobs and other lucrative activities (logistics, small trade, etc.)

Discover the benefits of
our solution

We offer a solution tailored to your field of activity. Whether you are a processor or a governmental or non-governmental organization you will find a solution adapted to your needs.