An innovative solution to boost and sustain your agricultural processing activity

Our innovative fruit and vegetable processing solution allows you to increase the quantity and quality of your finished products, diversify the types of crops you process, while giving you access to financing, good working conditions, and associated maintenance and marketing support services.

Challenge met

Your challenges as an agricultural processor

As a processor, your goal is to develop a profitable and sustainable business. You also want to support your rural community by providing opportunities and jobs. However, you face several challenges.

In terms of financing

Investments to develop the business can be significant and financing is difficult to obtain.

In terms of quality of finished products

Because of transport times that degrade the crops, the quality is not always up to the level of the distribution channels in your country or for export.

In terms of marketing

You do not always master downstream marketing with a good knowledge of circuits and negotiation

In terms of profitability and business development

Your factories often run only part of the year to process one type of crop. They lack the flexibility to process other agricultural products during other seasons and be used over a longer period of time.

In terms of manpower

Because your business is uncertain and not always profitable, it is difficult for you to offer sustainable jobs with attractive wages. This reflects on the motivation, training and technical skills of your workforce.

How we help you meet these challenges

Our fruit and vegetable processing mini-factories are designed to be transported directly by truck to the harvest site, with all the support and maintenance services required for their proper operation. With them, and the support of our partnerships, you are better equipped to meet your challenges:


Thanks to our partnerships, we can assist you in obtaining financing.


Your crops are processed very quickly, before they spoil, by mini-factories that meet demanding manufacturing criteria. The result is a consistently high quality of finished products.


We can offer you services to help you market your finished products.

Development and profitability

Mini-factories give you access to new crops over a larger part of the year. When needed, efficient maintenance and repair services are provided by AS Food.


A more profitable business allows us to offer better working conditions and more attractive wages. And because we also offer training services, the workforce is competent and involved


Bowl of fresh healthy homemade tomato puree with a wooden spoon for use in Italian cuisine surrounded by fresh basil for seasoning and ripe red tomatoes
1st Reason to choose us:
A more remunerative activity
For a more remunerative and profitable processing activity, thanks to the increase in quantity and quality of your finished products
2nd Reason to choose us:
For easier access to financing and commercial support.
3rd Reason to choose us:
Better working conditions
To offer good working conditions and attractive salaries to your employees.
4th Reason to choose us:
Development & Wellness
To contribute to the development and well-being of the rural communities you work with.