AS-FOOD, a visionary company committed to revolutionizing the processing of fruits and vegetables in Africa, successfully participated in AgriHack Senegal 2023, an agricultural innovation competition organized byAICCRA on November 8 and 9, 2023. The event distinguished AS-FOOD as one of the top six agricultural transformation projects, highlighting the relevance of its innovative technology.

AS-FOOD's Advanced Technology



At the core of AS-FOOD's proposal are mobile mini-factories, a clever solution transportable directly to agricultural areas. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies, these mini-factories enable rapid and sustainable transformation of fruits and vegetables.

The four pillars of AS-FOOD's technology :

Mobility : The mini-factories can be transported on trucks, facilitating their rapid deployment in agricultural areas.

Speed : Rapid transformation of fruits and vegetables within hours significantly reduces post-harvest losses.

Sustainability The AS-FOOD solution (mini-factories and partner ecosystem) addresses seven of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ( 1, 2, 5, 8, 9, 12, and 17
Adaptability : These modular installations adjust to various types of fruits and vegetables.

A Solution Tailored to Africa

AS-FOOD's technology specifically addresses the needs of African farmers, tackling the major problem of post-harvest losses, which represent a significant challenge on the continent. About 40% of fruits and vegetables produced in Africa are lost between harvest and consumption, a result of harsh climatic conditions, lack of storage and transportation infrastructure, and inefficient farming practices.

AS-FOOD's technology provides a direct response to these challenges, offering a simple and effective solution to transform agricultural products and reduce losses.

Success at AgriHack Sénégal

The solution proposed by Victor Nono and his partner Al Housseynou NIANG aimed to create a customized transformation service in rural areas of Senegal for local cooperatives and agro-transformers, using AS-FOOD technology.

Judged to be at a significantly higher level of advancement and scope compared to the other top 6 projects, the AS-FOOD solution was classified as "out of competition." This recognition confirms the relevance of the AS-FOOD solution to combat post-harvest losses and strengthen Senegal's food sovereignty.

Contacts have already been established with four national stakeholders for the implementation of AS-FOOD technology in the country.

AS-FOOD's Future Perspectives

AS-FOOD, as a promising company, aspires to play a key role in the development of the African agri-food industry. With ambitious plans, the company aims to deploy its mini-factories in at least 10 African countries by 2025.

In conclusion, AS-FOOD's successful participation in AgriHack Senegal 2023 marks a crucial step for the company. This success will serve as a catalyst for the continued growth of AS-FOOD and will contribute significantly to the sustainable development of the African agri-food industry.

If you or your country are facing similar challenges (post-harvest losses, food sovereignty, etc.), contact us to to explore how our solution could be deployed in your context :

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