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AS Food International is supported by both the Centre Technique de la Conservation des Produits Agricoles (CTCPA, Technical Centre for Food Products Preservation) and Institut National d’Etudes Supérieures Agronomiques (INESA) de Montpellier (Institute for Agricultural Sciences).

They bring us their trust and support our action.

CTCPA helped us develop processes and samplings. This partnership is based on a longlasting trust relationship as many more projects are to come.

INESA is one of our very precious partners. The Institue takes an active part in the research for agricultural development, especially for countries of the South. This partnership allows us to design transformation processes for fruits and vegetables, and is of great help in conceiving a mobile transformation unit.

Control and certification body, QUALISUD knew since its creation on October 14, 1965 to develop an activity in the agricultural and agri-food sectors and more recently in the wood industry.

An associative company, QUALISUD guarantees independence, impartiality and confidentiality both in its audit and control activities and in its certification decisions.

Its knowledge of products and manufacturing processes as well as organizations of companies allows QUALISUD to best adapt its interventions in compliance with the requirements of certification or control devices.

CIRAD is the French organization for agronomic research and international cooperation for the sustainable development of tropical and Mediterranean regions.

With its partners in the South, CIRAD produces and transmits new knowledge to support innovation and agricultural development. It puts its scientific and institutional expertise at the service of the public policies of these countries and international debates on the major issues of agriculture. It supports the scientific diplomacy of France.