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Encourage a virtuous circle for local populations

Our project addresses a threefold situation:

  • a strong increase in demand, given the demographic evolution,
  • a flailing farming production,
  • and a major social opportunity.

A fast-expanding, increasingly-urban population

An ill-equipped farming industry

This leads to a paradox  : 50% of the overall production is wasted (approx. 100 million tons per year), while, at the same time, certain zones endure food shortages. These 100  million tons could serve up to 300 million people. Products on which AS Food focuses target nation-wide markets where they are valued as sauce base (eggplant, gombo, gnagnan, pistacchios, etc.).

However, with the lack of preservation infrastructure and inefficient transport means, the road to uban areas where these highly perishable goods are consumed often becomes a nightmare.

Our solution is at the center of a virtuous circle

Our project targets multiple objectives :

  • to offer a prospect and a revenue to local farming populations, that cannot currently sustainably increase their standard of living

  • to decrease food production waste, through the improvement of food preservation methods (e.g. transforming vegetables into concentrates) and the delivery of such products to consumption areas

  • to save time for the growing number of urban families that do not always have time to cook, even though they remain attached to local products and recipes.

We therefore hope we can contribute positively to a situation where farming populations can live off their production and limit food waste, while consumers enjoy these much appreciated products !