African Diaspora Pioneering New Partnerships for a Sustainable Future at the Africa Global Summit

AS FOOD is pleased to have taken part in the Africa Global Summit held in Lyon on May 23, 2024.

This exceptional event, organized as part of the 60th anniversary of the OAU/African Union, was dedicated to strengthening the links between Africa, its diasporas and the world.
Speakers and participants explored our common identity and ways of building a shared future in an ever-changing world.

In his speech, the representative of the African Union underlined the essential role to be played by Africans in the diaspora, recognizing their expertise and potential to fuel Africa’s development, within the framework of win-win partnerships with their adopted countries.
At AS Food, we share this vision.

We have harnessed European knowledge of food production to create a revolutionary food waste reduction plant. This cutting-edge technology will have a direct impact on the African farming systems, boosting efficiency, profitability and sustainability.

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